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After moving to Connecticut in 2007, I found myself at a crossroad between leaving behind my corporate events career in Chicago and enjoying motherhood to my 2 ½ year-old son. It was fate that I would pursue my passion for design.


I grew up with a mother who carefully edited every aspect of our home and her wardrobe. Her dramatic influence coupled with my travel to design meccas including Istanbul, Marbella, Hong Kong, Tangier, and Capri have undoubtedly influenced my design sensibilities.

It all started when my friend came to our home and admired my recent renovation of our kitchen. I told her that if she trusted me that I could duplicate it for her in her own home. The rest was history, and each project seemed to roll into the next one.

It is now 14 years later that I have completed coursework at Fairfield University, mentored others and completed projects ranging from one-room makeovers to full renovations of homes.

Today, I continue to listen to my design instincts and, first and foremost, listen to my clients. My project management background laid the foundation for me to plan, budget, execute, and manage all facets of a complex challenge.

I have launched this website in hopes of taking you on a visual journey of my work.

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